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 Rules-Please read before posting

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PostSubject: Rules-Please read before posting   Sat May 17, 2008 8:22 pm

These are the rules that YOU, the poster, must follow-

-No sexual content is to be posted on these forums.
-No offensive language. This includes swearing as well as putting others down and insulting them.
-No off-topic posts. This is a LEGO forum, not a random blog.
-No double posting. I cannot stress this enough. It creates spam and uneccesary crud. Use the edit button.

That's about all of them. Just abide by that and you'll be fine!
IMPORTANT NOTE-You CAN use custom molded/modded pieces in your vigs/minifigs/mods. Just no clone brands like Mega Blocks.
Failure to comply may result in banning after the third or fourth offense.
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Rules-Please read before posting
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